I love Graze. You all know I love Graze. But this weeks box is extra yummy! For those who have been living under a rock and have no idea what Graze is, Graze is a little box of 4 different healthy nibbles that float through the mail to your door and make you smile each week. Especially good for nibbling at work, like today (hence the groovy laptop photo!). I have been with Graze for just over 5 years, that should say it all 😉

This week I received:

Moroccan Harissa Olives – Pitted green olives marinated in rose harissa. When I receive olives in my Graze box they are always the first thing I eat. No matter what else is in the box. I ADORE olives (especially with a glass of gin and tonic!). These are perfect for an instant savoury snack.

Beach Bum – Pineapple, banana and coconut flakes. Great for picking and nibbling on and packed full of fibre.

Lemon Curd Flapjack – Rustic rolled oat flapjack with lemon curd and yoghurt drizzle, if you need a sweet fix when you are hungry, this is just what you need. I will be saving this for my elevenses tomorrow 😉

Inspired By Jaffa Cake – Orange flavoured raisins, Belgian dark chocolate buttons and roasted hazelnuts. I adore the Graze ‘Inspried by’ range as you get all the flavours but in a new edible concoction. The jaffa cake pot is very tasty without being overly sweet, the Belgian dark chocolate is especially nice 😉

The beauty with Graze is that you can select items you like, love or if in the rare situation you don’t like something (or are allegic to something) you can ‘bin’ them so you don’t receive them. This means you can tailor make your box to anything you want from their list for just £3.99 a month! So why not give Graze a try today 🙂


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