Candles are not just there to provide light, they provide ambience, a setting, an emotion and in a lot of cases a fragrance, which can transport you to a memory or a feeling. My house is full to the brim with candles of all shapes, colours and fragrances. I was delighted when Erin from Erin Tynan Creative contacted me and asked if I would like to try her fragranced soy wax candles.

Nice To Mojit-You Candle Review by Bexz Walker -

Being a tropical kind of a gal, I chose ‘Nice To Mojit-You‘ fragrance as the classic Mojito is one of my favourite summertime drinks!

Photo taken from Erin Tynan Creative website.

Photo taken from Erin Tynan Creative website.

The candle arrived, very well packaged, and it looked so cute as I opened it with it’s blue and white dotty fabric topper. It reminded me of the jam jar toppers that my Grandma used when she made jam when I was a toddler.

The first thing that hits you is the gorgeous smell of fresh garden mint. It immediately creates a zingy aroma alongside the lime. The candle itself was evenly set without any ridges, bumps or dimples. This is hard to achieve and even some of the big candle companies fall short on this.

I lit my candle and sat it on my mantelpiece, allowing the soy wax to melt slowly so I could have a smooth and clear burn without any smoke or soot.


Soy wax is a cleaner wax to burn than beeswax and with asthmatics in the house, this can only be a good thing. As the candle burned down, the fragrance started to escape from the candle and fill the room. The scent was warm and inviting with a slight citrus burst and minty freshness.

The smell was so good that I decided to take the candle into my office and placed it on my desk next to me hoping for it to give me a little happy lift as I worked.


Being closer to the candle I was able to get the full aroma of the candle. It was a beautiful accompaniment to both my lovely new office and also great to keep me smiling as I worked. Each time I lit the candle, I let it burn for a couple of hours, this stopped any natural tunnelling that may have occurred and as you can see from the photos, the candle burnt evenly, which is a sign of a really good quality candle.

Well done Erin on creating amazing candles. I’ll definitely be back for more 🙂

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