Hands up, I admit it… I am a ketchup addict. There is very little that I won’t slather tomato sauce on… which is a bit naughty for both a food writer and a cook ­čśë However, I do love a sauce.

When I was approached by Sinclair Condiments to try their sauces, I smiled from ear to ear, especially at the thought of hot banana ketchup!

So, my box of sauces arrived and they were ripped out the box and immediately opened. I received: Hot Banana Ketchup, Smokey Chipotle Ketchup, Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup, Scotch Bonnet Sauce, Jalape├▒o and Lime Sauce and Smokey Naga Sauce (all pictured below).


I was advised by Nik from Sinclair Condiments which sauce to try with which foods. As any good cook would do, I blatantly ignored that and tried each sauce with everything I could possibly find, including the ‘chilli incident’ which I will explain about later ­čśë


I tried each sauce by itself. There are 3 things I really want to say at this point. The word ‘ketchup’ really doesn’t do these sauces justice. They are full of flavour, fresh tasting, incredibly well thought out and each one has a depth of taste that is built by using the best ingredients and layering them up with herbs and spices. ┬áSecondly, banana ketchup really isn’t as weird as it sounds, in fact, it is unbelievably tasty! And finally, when Nik from Sinclair Condiments warns you not to have too much of the Smokey Naga Sauce because it’s quite spicy, you should probably listen to him ­čśë


Who doesn’t love a burger with ketchup? I tried 4 of the sauces along side it: The Roasted Pepper Ketchup, the Smokey Chipotle Ketchup, the hot banana ketchup and the Smokey Naga. The Roasted Pepper Sauce is sweet and mildly tangy. It was good on the burger but also very good on the chips that I had with it (sssshhh I’m meant to be on a diet! ;)). The Smokey Chipotle Ketchup turned the burger into a beautiful smokey bbq taste explosion. The Smokey Naga Sauce not only gave the burger a real kick but livened up the salad inside too. And then it was time for the Hot Banana Ketchup. Oh! What a discovery! The Hot Banana Ketchup has a sweet taste at first and then a little spice kicks in. Perfect for a burger as it gives it a little Caribbean flavour.


Chargrilled chicken salad smothered in Jalape├▒o and Lime Sauce. This subtle green sauce is mild and delicate unlike it’s siblings the Scotch Bonnet Sauce and the Smokey Naga Sauce. The┬áJalape├▒o and Lime Sauce was perfect for both the chicken and the salad leaves alike. It made my salad come to life and if all salads could taste like this I would probably eat more of them!


I love BBQ ribs, and BBQ ribs with lashings and lashings of Smokey Chipotle Ketchup can only be good! The sauce not only enhanced the flavour of the ribs but also added a fantastic layer of smokiness to them.


Sausage time! The first sausage I smothered in Roasted Pepper Ketchup. The sweetness of the sauce brought out the full flavour of the locally sourced pork sausage.

The second sausage was covered in Scotch Bonnet Sauce and it is a good job I like hot spicy food because the scotch bonnet sauce is certainly hot and spicy. A lot of hot sauces are all heat. They are so hot you can’t taste the actual taste of the sauce itself, they just burn your mouth or tongue (or both). However the Sinclair’s Scotch Bonnet Sauce has an amazing zingy flavour and you can really taste the chillies and not just the heat they provide.


Onion bhajis, mini lamb somosas and chicken satay dipped in The Roasted Pepper Sauce, Scotch Bonnet Sauce and Jalape├▒o and Lime Sauce. All sauces were the perfect accompaniment for all of these Indian mini treats.

There was one last thing I tried but there is no photo because I was too busy flapping my arms and demanding a drink from my daughters who were, at the time, rolling around the floor laughing at me…

I LOVE hot and spicy food. I can eat a really hot chilli or curry and not break into a sweat. So my youngest daughter (she is 15, and at that age should really know better!) dared me to take a fresh jalape├▒o chilli, with the seeds in, and dunk it into the Smokey Naga Sauce. I duly obliged. I wish I hadn’t. My tongue was on fire. My mouth was on fire. EVERYTHING was on fire. I must have had the strongest jalape├▒o in existence mixed with the hot fiery heat of the Smokey Naga Sauce. ┬áThe thing was the Smokey Naga Sauce tasted to good I didn’t have the heart not to finish my mouthful so just carried on and braved the heat. I messaged Nik from Sinclair Condiments the next day and he just laughed and said “I did warn you!” *laughs*

These ketchups and sauces will wake up your tastebuds, liven up your mealtimes and certainly (as long as you don’t eat them with a chilli like I did!) give you a kick but without causing your the chilli sweats. Not only do they taste amazing but they are labelled beautifully and you can taste the hard work and passion that has gone into creating them. Well done Nik and all the Sinclair Condiments team, I have managed to eat, drizzle and cook my way through every single sauce with not a drop left. Not only did I love them but so did my entire family. I can heartily recommend these condiments. Treat yourself today to these mouth watering┬áartisan condiments from the Sinclair Condiments website.

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