I love cheese. In fact if I go to a new deli anywhere, the first thing I always check out is their cheese counter. So imagine my delight when I had an email from The Cheese Market asking if I would like to sample their cheeses. Er… YES PLEASE!

The first thing I was amazed over was the speed of their delivery. It arrived the very next day, very well packaged and labelled.


I have to admit, I got a little over excited and ripped the bag open (not very lady like I know!), to find a lovely box of 2 cheeses, a pack of biscuits and a 10% discount voucher off my first order (woohoo!). I had no idea what cheeses they would be sending. I do a love a surprise!


The cheeses were: Oak Smoked Ashdown Foresters Organic Cheese and Little Black Bomber. The biscuits were Godminster Digestive Biscuits.


I had a busy day yesterday so at around 8pm I realised I was a little peckish and thought, I know…I have cheese! So I decided to really give this cheese box a thoroughly good sampling 😉  I started with the biscuits.


I admit, I am a little fussy when it comes to biscuits designed to go with cheese. Sometimes they are just too dry or too flavourful in themselves so they take away the taste of the cheese. So I took them out of the packet with a little trepidation.  As I released the first biscuit from the packet, the first thing I noticed was the aroma, it smelt as if they had been just freshly baked.  The Godminster Digestive Biscuits were dense but had a good crumbly snap. They had an ‘oaty’ appearance and taste that was not overpowering at all. I could imagine these with butter and jam on as well as having them with cheese. Delicious.

So, we had the biscuits ready, now it was time for the cheese.  I started with the Ashdown Foresters. An organic naturally oak smoked cheese.  Now, we all know that sometimes smoked cheeses can be a little rubbery? Yes? Well this, I am so glad to report, was not. In fact it was deliciously creamy and buttery with a little salty edge. The smoked flavour was even all the way through and you could certainly tell it had been naturally smoked rather than artificially flavoured.


I added some tiny cherry tomatoes and a balsamic drizzle on to my biscuit and cheese and oh boy! The flavours together were amazing.  If you love your smoked cheese, I cannot recommend Ashdown Foresters enough. My eldest daughter, who has inherited my cheese addiction, also tried this combination and the smile on her face was ear to ear, in fact she stole the rest of mine! 😉


Last, but by no means least, I tried the Little Black Bomber. OK, I have to confess something to you now my dear readers…. I love this cheese. In fact it is one of my all time favourites. I have had it before many times and if you have read some of my recipes you will know that I have used it in my cooking. I did not know I was going to receive this but imagine my glee when it arrived! However… I am a professional (umm…??) and today I ate this cheese, not out of my love for it… no… today I ate it out of duty… 😉


Little Black Bomber is an extra mature cheddar from Wales. It is strong but creamy and firm but with an ever so slight crumble. The taste, although intense, does not make you want to pass out. It has a full, well rounded taste rather than just being strong. I adore strong cheeses because they can withstand hearty biscuits and good strong accompaniments.  I teamed up the Little Black Bomber with the Godminster Digestive Biscuits and sweet chilli jam.


It was like a little explosion of sweet and spicy cheesy goodness in my mouth. The cheese held up incredibly well against both the biscuit and the sweet spiciness of the chilli jam. Because the cheese, although strong, is also creamy, it blended and balanced all the flavours and textures well together.  The good news is, I still really love this cheese! If you like a mature cheddar, you really must give this a try.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to The Cheese Market for allowing me to sample their divine cheeses and their awesome biscuits. The voucher will be used very soon I can assure you! Excellent service, excellent delivery and most importantly, excellent cheese.


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