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UK food writer, natural living & wellbeing journalist, recipe creator, baker and cook. Voted one of the top 50 UK food writers in 2018. By trade, Bexz is a food writer, journalist, author, cook and recipe creator. At work, she is a restaurant critic and with over 25 years experience in the food and restaurant industry she certainly knows her way around the kitchen and front of house customer service standards. At home, she runs an urban homestead tying natural living into everything she does and as a qualified complimentary therapist since 1995, natural wellbeing is part of her every day life.

Bexz loves to write about food, cook, growing her own vegetables, herbs and fruit and living a natural life. In fact, anything food or nature related and Bexz is there. Living Kent with her family, she spends weekdays at home and most weekends in London, attending press events and reviewing restaurants for magazines and publications.

She has been honoured to work with some of the worlds most established press and brands. With press such as The Daily Mail, The BBC, Fox News, USA Today, Top Santé Magazine and Reuters. And brands such as The Walt Disney Corporation, Marks & Spencer, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Lindt, Schar, Jadu Tea and many more. She is also very lucky to be invited to various food, health and wellbeing shows too, where she provide press coverage for them and also products that exhibit there, such as The Natural & Organic Products Show, The Ideal Home Show, Grand Designs Live, The V Show, Allergy & Free From Show, Love Natural Love You Show and many more.

The ‘Bexz Walker Blog’ has over 40,000 social media followers. Bexz’s Pinterest account receives over 25,000 monthly views alone, with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram not far behind.

Nature biased, Bexz loves anything natural and organic because her youngest daughter has Coeliac disease and is also lactose intolerant, and Bexz herself is Coeliac and diabetic, so finding the best ‘free from’ and ‘low carb’ foods that are not only good for you but taste delicious is really important to the family, which is why she creates recipes for food that everyone can enjoy as well as have fun making.

In 1996, Bexz was diagnosed with Meningitis which left her with both Guillain–Barré syndrome (G.B.S.) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), from both of these illnesses Bexz suffered several stroke like episodes which left her in a wheelchair. This however, has not stopped her and even being diagnosed as diabetic in 2018 she adapted her life and her diet to encompass and embrace her new healthy diet.

Bexz also sings, can play a multitude of musical instruments and writes her own music. She often listens to music whilst she is blogging or cooking and can be found dancing in her kitchen whilst baking cakes.

Bexz is surrounded by wonderful friends who cross many of her paths in her real life and her online world, whether that be from neighbours and family friends to friends from online communities and gaming guilds.

Although Bexz loves ‘going back to nature’ she is also quite the geek. Bexz has been playing games since she could hold a controller. She mostly plays the ‘healer’ classes and loves her MMORPG’s as well as her FPS. You can find her playing World of Warcraft most nights with her beloved guild ‘Omnis’ or playing Overwatch competitively as the team healer, Mercy.

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Whatever Bexz does, she always does with passion.

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