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fruit and vegetable salad glucose meter for PM2SX9C 1 1140x700 - How one trade show saved my life... literally. Thank you Natural & Organic Products Show.
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How one trade show saved my life… literally. Thank you Natural & Organic Products Show.

I am lucky, very lucky, to be invited to many trade shows throughout the year all around the UK as press. But if you follow me on Twitter you'll know I have one show that I always get excited about. The Natural & Organic Products Show has been my favourite trade show for the past few years. The show is exceptionally well organised and I look forward to the show as soon as I start to get the emails about it early in the year. However this year was different. This year, the show saved my life.... literally. As always,...Continue reading
throatremedy 1 1140x700 - Natural Cold Flu & Sore Throat Winter Remedy & Tonic
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Natural Cold Flu & Sore Throat Winter Remedy & Tonic

Before I start this recipe and before you glance down and think you are about to have a meltdown with all the weird sounding ingredients and all the faffing about…stop.  This remedy is excellent. Yes, it requires a lot of unusual stuff and yes, it is a faff to make but it is better than a lot of over the counter ‘tonics’ you’ll get and it’s natural! Ingredients 370g fresh rosehips 8g dried echinacea leaf 10g dried calendula petals 10g dried comfrey 20g dried coltsfoot 20 whole cloves 3 teaspoons of ground cinnamon 400g granulated sugar 5 teaspoons of freshly chopped ginger…

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rosehipsyrup 1 1140x535 - Rosehip Syrup Recipe
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Rosehip Syrup Recipe

Rosehip Syrup is a winter must.  Packed to the brim full of vitamin C and other natural goodies, rosehip syrup has been used by families for generations to help with lowering fevers, help with colds and flu as well as a general tonic.  What’s more, it tastes delicious!  You can drizzle it neat over hot crumpets, scones, toast, waffles, pancakes or ice cream, dilute it with 5 parts hot water for a soothing tea or 5 parts cold water for a home made cordial.  Perfect for children who are ‘under the weather’.  Also great for freezing and using throughout the…

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