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About Bexz…

Want to know more about me first? Then read all about me here.

About the blog…

The Bexz Walker blog is a biography into my every day life of a restaurant critic, baker, cook and recipe creator. With a passion for food since before I can remember on my blog you will see some of my favourite recipes that I have created over the years as my time as a cook, food writer and journalist. Some of my old recipes are full fat/full sugar but my newer recipes concentrate on low carb and low sugar recipes after being diagnosed as diabetic in May 2018.

Blog & social media statistics…

Web traffic stats for
Web traffic stats for

With 6000+ unique visitors to my blog each month, over 200,000 blog hits each month and over 40,000 social media followers. Bexz’s Pinterest account receives over 25,000 monthly views alone, with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram not far behind.

What I can offer…

  • Interviews
  • Articles
  • Regular column writing
  • Podcasts
  • Reviews
  • Press coverage for shows or products

I can cover the following subjects:

  • Low carb recipes, eating & diet
  • Urban homesteading
  • Raising children in a self sufficient(ish) lifestyle
  • Food product reviews
  • Growing your own food
  • Natural living and the natural home
  • Natural health & wellbeing
  • Restaurant business, reviews and critique

What I will NOT do…

  • I do NOT accept guest blog posts unless I have already worked with you before, so please do not send me spam.
  • I will NOT write a false review. My reviews are 100% honest because that’s the point of them! If I find something wrong, I will email you BEFORE the blog post goes live to discuss my feedback and then help you to get it sorted before I publish my blog post. I cannot be fairer than that now can I?
  • I am happy to travel to places to do reviews etc, however, if you are not based in North East Kent or London, then please do NOT expect me to travel to you for free. If you respect my opinion, then please respect it enough to actually get me there 😉

Brands & Media I Have Worked With…

I have been honoured to work with some of the worlds most established press and brands. With press such as The Daily Mail, The BBC, Fox News, USA Today, Top Santé Magazine and Reuters. And brands such as The Walt Disney Corporation, Marks & Spencer, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Lindt, Schar, Jadu Tea and many more. I am also very lucky to be invited to various food, health and wellbeing shows too, where I provide press coverage for them and also products that exhibit there, such as The Natural & Organic Products Show, The Ideal Home Show, Grand Designs Live, The V Show, Allergy & Free From Show, Love Natural Love You Show and many more.

Contact Bexz…

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